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Domaine De Pajot, Les Quatre Cépages 2013
‘Hood Eats: Asian-y (Hey Vouvray!)

Domaine De Pajot, Les Quatre Cépages 2013

I’ve been spending more money per bottle lately. Now, either my tastes in wine have changed, or it’s the cost of living increase in the state I now call home. It’s possible that it’s both.

I do have to admit that the $8 a bottle target that I have imposed upon myself has been more difficult to hit since my tastes have grown along with my curiosity. I will continue to aim for $8 but it may end up more around $10, or $12. I just can’t be bound by the price any longer! Well, within reason.

Despite that, I will continue to strive for thrift AND quality.

That said, this latest bottle was a delicious $10 accident. I was returning home from “Mission: Kimchi,” having located a jar at the neighborhood Whole Paycheck, I mean Foods. Between the kimchi pick-up and home I spotted the cute little corner wine shop I only visited once before, Streetcar Wine & Beers, and thought, hey, what goes with spicy pickled cabbage? As one does. So I bee-lined it.

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‘Hood Eats: Asian-y (Hey Vouvray!)

So many fresh discoveries await my eager-beaver attitude towards this cool little neighborhood where I now live. Effervescent with my ever-growing fondness, and with a brunch buzz, I thought up a new blog feature, ‘Hood Eats, where I visit all the many dining establishments not far outside my doorstep and pair with them wines for delicious take-out feasts. 
Bernard Fouquet Vouvray 2013
Super Splurge-y
Could this be? Is this already the next installment of ‘Hood Eats?! Why yes, yes it is.

I couldn’t wait. It’s cold out there and I’m doing my best to fatten up for the winter.

After a not so pleasing earlier encounter with a surprisingly sticky-sweet Vouvray from the Loire Valley, I considered writing Chenin Blanc off, completely. But, oh, what a mistake that would have been.

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