Souverain Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

A Smidge Splurge-y
Bright and fruity at just the right moment and a pucker on the finish that gently lingered. Caused my eyelids to come down to half mast as I thoughtfully contemplated each individual flavor that popped off my tongue.

Cherries, cola, chocolate.

Smooth, even shortly after popping out the cork and impatiently pouring the first glass. With a little time in the glass the oak became more pronounced but not overwhelming. Perfect on a fall evening that quickly cooled off as the sun dipped out of sight.

I added it quickly to my “buy more” list.

The Robiola Rossa cheese is a bit of stinky but not too stinky. But honestly, I like it good and rotten — dirty sock stinky. However, though not nearly stinky enough for my tastes, it was pretty delicious. I nearly ate the entire chunk I’d bought while reading Gone Girl, listening to the new Juan McLean and cooking butternut squash farroto — only some of those things simultaneously.

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