Ciconia Touriga Nacional 2012

A nice, inexpensive Portuguese delight. I’ve heard great things about Portugal and I hope to visit soon. Until then I’ll enjoy this small little taste from that part of the world.

I’ll imagined I was enjoying bites of fried Portuguese sausage, Alheira, while I sipped, chugged, gulped down that pretty-darn-good-for-8-bucks bottle of wine.

It did a nice job of keeping me company while I prepared a meal out of the tempeh and brussels sprouts I had sitting around in the fridge. I found recipe in a book for which I had all the necessary ingredients.

The creamy brussels sprouts recipe, embellished with a bit of protein in the form of the tempeh, was scooped over a steaming pile of brown rice. Not too shabby for a night in which I also had to work a freelance gig and plan for my upcoming move to Boston.

Yes, the Hood Somm is moving to Boston. I’m looking forward to visiting all the Italian wine shops I scoped out in North End on my two visits before accepting the job offer!

The Ciconia was full-bodied and tangy. It somehow paired nicely with the creamy dinner I had and then also with the dark chocolate and ripe strawberries. It was a nice break from the endless to-do lists I can’t seem to stop compiling.

And if you were curious, “‘Ciconia’ is the Latin name for the white stork that has, as it main habitat in Portugal, the forests and woods of Alentejo.” That would explain the art on the label.

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