‘Hood Eats: Asian-y (Hey Vouvray!)

So many fresh discoveries await my eager-beaver attitude towards this cool little neighborhood where I now live. Effervescent with my ever-growing fondness, and with a brunch buzz, I thought up a new blog feature, ‘Hood Eats, where I visit all the many dining establishments not far outside my doorstep and pair with them wines for delicious take-out feasts. 
Bernard Fouquet Vouvray 2013
Super Splurge-y
Could this be? Is this already the next installment of ‘Hood Eats?! Why yes, yes it is.

I couldn’t wait. It’s cold out there and I’m doing my best to fatten up for the winter.

After a not so pleasing earlier encounter with a surprisingly sticky-sweet Vouvray from the Loire Valley, I considered writing Chenin Blanc off, completely. But, oh, what a mistake that would have been.

Turns out my ignorant ass got all mixed up and didn’t realize that Chenin Blanc, like cool-aid, comes in many flavors, from sweet to super-super dry and much that is in between. Also, tip: they don’t always designate on the label what type of Chenin Blanc is housed within the shiny glass bottles.

[ I don’t remember writing this and I have no f’ing idea what it means, but I just felt inclined to include it because I think it’s hysterical how nuts I am: What we don’t know is a lot more than what we think we know. But we convince ourselves, and sometimes others, that we know more than what we know.]
Back to the grape

There’s all variety of Chenin Blanc. There’s even a “Tendre” that is “off-dry.” The wine guy at my local liquor and wine shop, John Paul (cute as a button), told me — excitement clearly registering in his shiny eyes, behind his very smart spectacles, while his hands fussed with his suit jacket.

He said that “tendre” means tender and it’s an indication that it is on the drier side of the dry/sweet spectrum. Indeed, the cutie was correct. He and others have mentioned that the wine pairs super nicely with Asian food, especially if it’s spicy. And who am I to disbelieve John Paul? So I put my trust squarely in my new favorite adorable wine guy.

The Bernard Fouquet that John Paul picked out was perfect for me. A match made in wino heaven. Mostly dry and refreshing, especially at first sip, it settled pleasantly on my tongue with a gentle, um tender, sweetness that was buoyed by a citrusy, tart after taste at the back of my tongue. The nuances where a joy and only increased with every bite of the food.

Beginning with a spicy Thai inspired calamari with slices of jalapeño and red peppers I may have gulped the wine to put out the fire. So whatever I have to say after that point I would take with a grain of salt.

The crispy Penang duck was lightly sweet and spicy with all the spices you expect from Thai curry. Again, the wine was a perfect foil for all the flavors and helped to temper the spice while also giving room for the flavors to grow, expand and explode all up on my palate. The lightness of the wine was in contrast to the weight of the meaty dark duck meat. They helped each other out, a little yin and yang — a bit of ebony and ivory, or whatever.

So, all I have to say is YAY FOR VOUVRAY!

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