Feeling Rosé

The morning snow flurries had stopped, the clouds cleared completely — they just seemed to disappear. While I read the newspaper and contemplated my “spring forward” Sunday, just outside the window behind me, a fleeting whisper of the coming Spring was springing.

Suspicious of the buzz of activity outside on the street I reached for my iPad, entered the code to unlock it, flicked my fingers around the screen in an expert blur of perfectly choreographed movement and launched the weather app. It was 40 degrees! Flooded with hope that the winter might actually soon end I jumped off the sofa to the sound of the fluttering newspaper pages I was abandoning there.

I had to shower. I had to get dressed. I needed to be outside, RIGHT NOW. You know it ’s been a long, hard winter when 40 degree weather gets you this hot and bothered.

I did NOT wear my thermal underwear. I did NOT wear my coat. I tossed aside my gnarly knitted beanies. I wore a jacket. Bare headed, with sunglasses and a light bright red scarf I set out to do anything, as long as I was outside.

Bouncy and springy I set out towards Centre street. Popped into a hat shop. I learned my hat size, smack between a large and x-large — which didn’t sound right but it sure felt right. I tried on a dried seagrass number that would be perfect for the summer. I looked hot in it, if I do say so. Noted. I’ll be back.

Next, I wandered into a wine shop. I know that winter is not over. Forty degree weather is not much to get excited about, not really. But this day, it inspired me to think like it was spring. I bought a bottle of rosé. It did not take long for me to make that decision. I saw it, walked past it, then doubled back immediately and grabbed that shit right up. It is not rosé weather yet, but I was definitely in a rosé mood.

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