Dupeuble Beaujolais 2013

There are times when edgy, mind-expanding contrast between food and wine is what feels right for you in that moment, with that meal, during that experience — whatever. And there are times when what feels good is a perfectly harmonious moment that pleasantly swaddles you comfortably.

That was the realization I had in between slices of pizza — while finishing off a bottle of Tempranillo Rioja — and the ecstatic cork popping of a newly opened bottle of Beaujolais. Two experiences, one pizza.

Earlier in the month I searched my ‘hood for Peruvian aji amarillo paste. I was on a mission. I would be trying my hand at making a Peruvian roast chicken. I have to admit that I did not launch a full-scale search for this spicy yellow condiment used to make the sauce into which juicy chunks of chicken would be dunked.

In fact, after a half-assed search that took me to a local hybrid boutique-y neighborhood haunt, that among other food stuffs also sold wine, I ended up with a bottle instead. Always a sucker for a cute label and a comfortable price point the Dupeuble Beaujolais jumped out at me. Plus it had been a while since my mouth had the pleasure of a Beaujolais. And so it was that this little bottle came home with me.

I forgot about that bottle until the perfect time came to open it, and that perfect time was a Friday night after a rough week at work. All I wanted was to guzzle wine, shove a pizza pie in my face hole and catch up on episodes of Scandal.

Bright and light and full of… flight? It soared off my palate and lifted the corners of my greasy lips into a smile. A bite of cheesy pizza followed by a sniff, swirl and swallow of this super surprise. Tannins at a minimum, acidity on the higher end, it perfectly balanced out the heavy, greasy pizza by slicing right through it to highlight the flavors in each separately, yet oh so lovely together.

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