Pacifico Sur Carmenere Rosé 2014

Central Valley, Chile
It was the last of the unfinished bottles of wine purchased for the Fourth of July weekend. It was the one I was least enthused about trying, and most skeptical about. And like all wines of its ilk, it took a little time, but ultimately found its way to my gullet.

One sip-bite-slurp at a time.

I grabbed the bottle instinctively while at Blanche’s. I recognized the winery (but couldn’t remember if that was a good or bad thing), the price was ridiculously low, and intrigued by the Carmenere rosé designation I snapped it up. Traditionally used in the Médoc region of Bordeaux, France as a blending grape, it seems that Carmenere has enjoyed playing the starring role in their very own bottles. It’s hugely cultivated in the Central Valley of Chile where it’s become a signature grape of the region.

And so it was, that after my weekend guest departed back to Atlanta, and in the afterglow of a fun and creatively productive weekend, that I thought it was time I write a fresh post to my long ignored blog.

Having a well-stocked fridge for company is a need at Casa Hoodsomm. And so too is having enough leftovers to graze on for days after. I surrounded myself with the Bulgar Salad, salami, cheeses, pita, hummus and twisted the Pacific Sur bottle cap open.

Cheeses, a Gouda and something French, both good but very clingy on the inside of my mouth. A sip of the wine stripped it right off while also leaving behind a bright and lightly floral compliment to the weighty and musky cheeses.

And that f’ing bulgur recipe is my new favorite summer salad. Even better when washed down with a nice, cheap, dry, peppery, berry\floral sip of summer-y sass. With feta, mint, tomatoes and a lemon dressing, the unappetizing named bulgur (or cracked wheat) was perfect for this wine.

And for a rosé it had some kick. At 13.5% alcohol by volume it’s a bit above the average for the pink stuff. One glass in and I was feeling mighty pretty.

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