I’m just a guy, standing in front of the blogosphere, asking it to love him.

My journey to creating this blog had a short finish and was sweet on my palate, by which I mean it was short and sweet (which is not how I prefer my wines). I simply wanted to learn more about all the many wines that line the shelves of the grocery stores and neighborhood shops I frequent, of which I’ve been consuming in vast quantities lately.

The reason I staid away from drinking wine previously was my lack of knowledge and how innately unapproachable the wine world can be. I was scared to ask questions for fear of sounding like a fool. But then I realized, I AM a fool! So why worry?!

And so I began my self-taught journey with the help of a few blogs and the writings of chief wine critic for the New York Times, Eric Asimov. And off I went!

Although I do enjoy wines in a variety of price ranges I do truly believe in a budget/quality/ease convergence. Your average, daily bottle, shouldn’t cost more than $8. Sometimes, either for budget reasons or availability and ease, the food you eat with it can also be cheap and easy. Above all else this should be FUN!

So let’s do it people! Let’s have a little fun, share a little knowledge and learn about this great big bad-ass world of wines, together.

Winos of the world unite!!

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