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Sterling Vintners Collection Meritage 2012

Sterling Vintners Collection Meritage 2012

California, Central Coast
And here I thought that Meritage was a fancy way of saying the wine was a blend. It’s actually so much more. Turns out there’s an alliance even!

The list of shit I don’t know seems to grow exponentially with every year that my wine-soaked liver allows me to live.

The Meritage labeling convention was born out of the frustrations of California wine vintner’s feeling strapped by laws stipulating that wines contain at least 75% of a specific grape be labeled as that varietal. Interest grew in producing Bordeaux-style wine, which are themselves a blend. And so a bunch of wino’s in Cali got together and made up a word by smashing together two other words and an alliance was born. Now, if you want to call a blend of wine a Meritage you just fork over some cash and voila! You have a Meritage wine.

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